środa, 8 listopada 2017

ARMY GIRL Bot attack!

...and finally - RWB 993 ARMY GIRL poster... In the name of RAUH-Welt Begriff was born original ARMY GIRL Bot. This project was inspired by one of the famous RWB Porsche builded by Akira Nakai-San for Hitoshi Hoshino-San - CEO of ARMY GIRL brand. ARMY GIRL is famous japanese fashion/jewelery brand from Tokyo, and RWB 993 ARMY GIRL is prestigous symbol of this firm. My project is tribute to this fantastic car. Why in this form? :-)
Transformers and giant robots are great symbols of japanese popculture, and just are so cool... - like RWB cars! ARMY GIRL,1048Style and Kamiwaza-Japan are famous brands associated with japanese tunning world and RWB Family. This design is related to my project - MAN Behind machine - prestigous collection of RWB cars and their owners.

Cheers to the great RWB Family from RWB Warsaw Crew!
Uncle Kwas.

The poster is very big - details on my behance account :https://www.behance.net/kvaszone

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